Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday deal

Buy one get one Free...

Buy two get 2 free...

Buy 3 and I'll give you4 free :)

Starting today at 11 am est and ends Saturday at 11 am est...

Contact at

Paypal to the same account and tell me which ones you want in your payment..

Thank you

Friday, October 9, 2009

answering a comment..

I have no other way to answer you but post in the blog..
Yes my Christmas card sets are still available. there's the 09 set and then last years set too.. I've been busy I still plan on keeping this open just redoing it when I get time- adding new things and hopefully getting it all going again..

I want to add another Christmas set if I can get some time but I don't know if I'll be able to get them up in time for this years season..

You can send emails to

If you'd like to order you can send payment via paypal to the above address with a note in the notes field of what you'd like to order too and I'll send download links for you to download from.. or add an additional 7 dollars and include your address and I can mail you the files on cd..

Thank you ...

Friday, October 2, 2009

to the person that left a comment about still getting a freebie

you need to copy and paste the address in order to get the freebie it is still up for now. All freebies will be taken down soon and this blog will be undergoing some changes

I moderate comments on the blog- so I did receive an email with your comment-

Monday, August 24, 2009

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE---- and get an added bonus with your purchase

I'm now running a sale.. buy one get one free.. and I'll add a surprise in with every sale just for fun!!!

Sale starts today the 24th and runs until September 4th.......

There will also be a freebie up this week- So check back... I'll see what I come up with :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Freebie-sale- possible closing-

Here's my freebie this week. 8x10 collage.. please do not resell for personal of photography business use only.

Sale extended another week... Sale now ends July 31st
and I'm still deciding on the closing issue- like I said I will make my final decision around Labor day.


I'm considering closing shop...

I will make my final decision after Labor Day. This will give me over a month to see what I can design and if I can get things going again. I guess I feel like giving up. I don't sell but maybe to 4-5 people a year (and that's a good year). I put alot of work into the templates and I might just go back to designing stuff for me personally. There's so many great designers out there who I also call friends (and I too love their work) and they are so much better than I am.. and I just can not compete. I've ran two sales the last month or so with no sales. That to me is an indicator I am failing...

I thank the couple of people who have ordered this year. Your sales were very much appreciated. I do want to mention you since you were there. Plus thank those that have ordered in the past- I know without you I wouldn't have made some of my favorite things that I use myself in my own photography business.

I'll still but a freebie up today or tomorrow for those that check- So check back for my weekly freebie. I'm not sure if I will keep that part up either if I decide to close down or if maybe I'll just melt back into the groups I belong too and give to them now and then...

I know part of my failure was this last year.. getting pregnant with my 4th little one really took a tole on my health and I was having a hard time just taking care of my family and myself and didn't have the time to design. Even my photography business took a huge hit during the last year. If it wasn't for my husband stepping up and doing as much as he did we wouldn't even have that anymore. Then the beginning of the year after I kept thinking things would be better once I had the baby things didn't improve right away. My health issues turned into worry and obsession over my daughter who was born with a fractured collar bone and nerve damage in her right arm (caused from a terrible delivery) I spend a good chunk of my time working with her in hopes we could get her recovered and out of therapy. The good news is she's doing so much better..

If you stayed with this all the way to the end I thank you.. I just wanted to explain to anyone that pops by what is going on- went on and what might come to an end... and why.

I'm not giving up ship as just yet. I will try to keep designing... and see what I can do. If I can come up with some things I will post them. If there's any special requests please let me know and I'll see what I can make... any input is more than welcome... even if it's just to tell me I really do stink and it's time to quit.

Friday, July 17, 2009



This special will go until July 24th----- everything included in on the sale.. even the new templates!!!!!!

Any questions please contact me at

Thank you- Please also allow 24 hours for me to get back to you. In most cases I can return emails and send links out sooner!!!!

2 new sets releasing

My first set is an all event card set.. could be used for graduations... holidays... announcements.. save the date.. you name it.... There are 4 templates in this set for $25

Then my "cute as a button" set.. Which includes 2 card templates- one blue and one pink themed. This set is $20 for both card templates.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas Set 09 Set 1

Here's a new Christmas set for this year...
There are 5- 5x7 card templates total. Elements on their own layers so you can change things around and alter them as you like.
This set for $25

Please remember that there are no refunds on these sort of products. I do allow use on blogs (your personal blogs not to to make and sell blog templates) These are for your own personal use or clients use as in photography clients. They were not made to be resold or used as templates you sell directly to clients. Questions please ask..

Sale will start Friday when I get a few more things up 7-17...
Thank you

Running late this week...

Here's my Freebie this week... 4x6 princess card

Thank you to those of you that let me know you are still checking in on the blog... I will try to keep the freebies going as much as possible. At least I'll try to do one a week.. so keep checking in...

New stuff still coming. Busy weekend ran over into this week so I'm still trying to finish things up before I post them on the blog... and there will be a sale to go along with it too I promise!!!!

So check back Friday :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Freebie Friday

Sorry I took 2 wks off.. but I'll have a freebie up on Monday...

If anyone checks this please let me know.. so I know to keep posting the freebies...

and I'll have some new templates next week too :) and a special of buy one get one Starting Monday !!! which will also include anything new posted!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Freebie Friday is BACK!!!!

sorry for the delay.. but FREEBIE FRIDAY IS HERE AGAIN!!!!

Here's a border to share this week :) When you download it the border will be black you can change it to any color you like.. There's no text there either but the text I used is called Adorable

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grad Card Set 2

This is a 4 card set of Graduation or really any purpose cards...
Each card is left in layered form so you can alter or change it to your liking...

This Graduation Set is $20

Please check below.. there's a sale and new border set...

I will have more Grad/senior templates coming soon....

Thank you :)

NewBorderZ Set

This set includes 9 new Borders.... a little twist on the familiar border concept...

I'm selling the set for $25 and included are 9 new borders...

Don't forget from now until June 6th I am running a buy one get one of equal or less value for free...

Plus... Friday Freebies will be coming back starting June 5th.. and I've got more new things on the way :)


Buy one set and get the 2nd of equal or less value free.. this sale runs today until June 6th...

I will be releasing a new border set... this week...

New Grad/Senior cards are on the way....

Plus I will have sports templates very soon.. baseball.. soccer... tennis... a whole bunch to choose from... Please leave your emails if you are interested and I'll notify you when I get them up...

Sorry it's been so long.. being sick.. having a new baby and a whole bunch of other things have kept me from my blog...

As always please allow me to have 24 hours to get back to you (most times sooner) and there are no refunds on these sort of digital templates... Questions please email me at

Thank you :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Set Release (dont' forget my Christmas set is below)

Here's my fall set.. I wanted to add more but with circumstances I haven't been able too.. I started these a couple months ago and they've been sitting on the hard drive.. so I figured I'd put up what I had....

With this you get 7 10x10 papers so you can customize the included cards, design your own or make additional sides to the cards provided. Or even make scrapbook pages/ books with them.

You will also receive the leave clip art shown and an overlay of leaves that you can add to the background of the papers provided (or your own) (all examples shown on one image with the paper examples)

Then you will also receive 3 5x7 layered cards that I have designed for you. The background is a separate layer so you can always swap it out with one of the other backgrounds provided with the set.

This whole set is included for $20.00 If you desire just the cards only then I will go ahead and do them for $15.00 for the set of 3 cards (buy more save more)

And onto the Freebies.. please leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like to see offered on the blog as weekly freebies.. I do plan on trying to get this going again.. but would love some feedback about what you'd like me to share with you....

My baby blog can be seen here.. I forgot I took the link down.. so if anyone wants to keep up with my lil peanut...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christmas 08 set released...

Wow... forgive me for my absence.. it's been a ride for me lately.. I started these over a month ago and am just finally getting them online for the blog...

Here's my Christmas 08 set.. I'd like to say there might be another one in the future but right now I'm not sure.. but this set is full of love!!! It comes with 10-5x7's a few of them have both fronts and backs.. everything is layered so if there's a card you like that you'd want a back to you can use the background for a back if you like.. I had planned on it.. and have some of the backings done just not all of them yet...

I'm releasing this set from now until September 30th for $25.. after the 30th they will go up to $35 so the early bird gets the worm...

I promise.. next week I'll have Freebie Tuesday going again.. also I am planning a christmas card for that.. plus I'll link to my personal blog if anyone would like to read that....

So here's the new release... I hope that someone likes them.. some are traditional Christmas colors.. while a few are sort of different! I'm planning on releasing a fall set in Mid August too...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Please hang with me.....

I know it's been a month of neglect here.. I promise I will have a freebie up in the next few days.. plus I'll get the finishing touches on my Christmas 08 Set 1 and get them up. The Set has been done I just didn't get it ready for the blog yet...

I've had a lot of ups and downs the last month... which had left me very little time to finish things up and get things on the blog.. I'm hoping things are turning for the better and I'll be back to posting my weekly freebies and adding new things again. I've missed doing the fun things like the weekly freebies... I just had to get things in order first before I could return....

and the news is I will have a new bundle of Joy in February... hence alot of the ups and downs the last month..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Christinas 08 sets Coming... Example and my freebie

I'm working on my 08 Christmas collects as I type.. I will post an example of one of them to come... (hoping to release later next week)

Plus I'm posting a green 5x7 card to share...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Black and White layered border set

This is the second layered border set.. I loved the brown and black set so I thought I'd make another set.. but black and white.. These work well for storyboards and blends.. each layer is seperated so you can change the colors as you desire.. or you can change the layers with different borders.
There are 7 layered borders in this set

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dance Border set 2

Here's a second set for the Dance borders... Set is $25 I believe there's 11 borders total.. words are all on their own layers so you can take them out (if you just want them as plain borders) or rearrange or move to other borders...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Royal border Set

Here's a new border Set "Royal Border Set" There are 12 borders in this set and they are 8x10 300 dpi so you can easily change their size.. This set is $25.00

I wanted something a little different this time around... I am set to release another dance border set this week also.. I got a little delayed on this set.. and I'm also releasing a new card set this week of early next week~ Plus a set to grunge up your images..
And there will be another SALE!!! Starting Thursday!!!! so sneak back and take a peak... I'll have the freebie up tomorrow too (Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week.. sorry for the delay..)

Friday, April 11, 2008

my blog

information to the blog :)
If you want to order just sent paypal payment to
Or money order is accepted.
If you have questions please email me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
I'm running buy one get one of equal or less value another week.. ends April 18th at midnight.
I've added a new set today (below) and will have new things up next week...
Freebie Tuesday will be posted on time this week.. planning on something good this week.. would love suggestions if there's something you'd like on the freebies.. just drop me a comment..
Thank you

Brown and Black border set

This set was so fun to make..
I created it for myself for my senior clients this year..
I didn't know if anyone else would really like it so I figure I'll leave it up a bit and see if not I'll remove it.. They are different... and may not be everyone's taste...
All these are layered.. you can remove aspects.. one has textures you can play with and drag into the other borders if you like...

This Set is $25

I'm also going to extent the buy one get one (of equal or less value another week.. I had good news today and thought I'd pass on the happiness)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

double border set

This set is a bit different from what I normally do.. I love the look though and feel that it's very versatile.. They could be used on almost anything even in albums.. I'm thinking more the senior market.. but I can see these being used in a variety of different things...
There are a lot of borders in this set... along with a plain double border and just the inner border alone... for a total of 22 borders..

This set $35

Buy one get one of equal or less value is in effect until April 11th.. This set will be included along with the new set released yesterday!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prince/Princes Set release!!!!

This set has multiple papers sized 12x12 300dpi. There are a few examples of them posted here..
Plus included there are also elements such as the crown graphic.. tags.. brads and 2 borders in this set. The borders are 5x7 and 10x10 in size so you should be able to make a variety of things with this set. I am allowing commercial use on this~ sale of items in psd form is prohibited. Only finished products to clients/customers or personal use is allowed with this set.
I will post two ideas I used for the set.. I had a lot of fun working with this set. The ideas are unlimited with this set.. you can create cards... to scrapbooks... to books...

I'm selling this set for $35

thank you

Monday, March 31, 2008

Freebie Tuesday-Sale

Due to illness in our house.. I missed Freebie Tuesday last week.. sorry everyone... So I'm posting a day early to make sure I can get it up for everyone

This week I have a 5x7 card to offer.. link will be available until Thursday.. (link removed.. new freebie will be up again next Tueday)

plus all templates are buy one get one of equal or less value free...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Border Set.

Here's a new Border Set.. just in time for Spring...

Introductory Price will not last long $15.00 for the complete Set. Borders are 8x10 and 300 dpi. These are easily placed on any image and sized to fit...

Love bug set....

Here's the "Love Bug Set"

This has a 5x7 card.. and an 8x10 collage. Areas for images is not adjustable...
Introductory Price of $11.00 for the Set.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dance borders-new set

Here's a new set.. inspirational- word dance set.. 9 borders included in this set for $25. All word layers are editable so you can remove.. mix and match...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Combo set

Here's a baby combo set...

3-5x7 announcement templates (area for pictures is fixed.. sorry not changeable)

3- matching 8x10 collage templates (area for pictures is fixed.. sorry not changeable) words on yellow collage are removeable

The Set for $15.00

Friday, February 29, 2008

Two new trifolds...

This week I've been working on things for my own clients.. and I thought I'd also add them to my blog...

Trifold set "under the sea" also comes with a set of 4x6 cards..
The background is not changeable on these.. and the openings on the 4x6's for pictures is not able to be altered. However you can move the frames and change their size on the trifold design..

This set... with the additional cards is $25.. If you want just the 4x6 cards.. they are $20 alone

The second Trifold is a tan set.. Frames and all elements on this trifold are all layered for your convenience... this tri fold is $20

Monday, February 25, 2008

My first tri-fold.. Retro blue and Brown

Here's my first 5x5 trifold...

All elements are left in layers (and background too) so you can alter the layout as you desire....
Price for the trifold $20

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Release-

In this set are 5- 5x7 Graduation Announcements..

These are layered.. and in all but one of the cards the pictures are adjustable (the gray card with the two boxes are set.. but the other cards are adjustable and I can include the background to the gray card if you'd like to be able to edit that.

This set is being released now for $25 Payable to Paypal if you'd like details or to order please email me at

Monday, February 4, 2008

Elegant Card (3rd card release this week)

This is one 4x6 card file titled " The Elegant Card set"
It includes all the colors shown in the example photo in different layers of the card. This allows you to turn on the color layer you need.. as easy as checking or unchecking a box.
This card set is $20 (for the one file but it has multiple possibilities.. originally designed for a wedding)
(no refunds on this type of product)
All payments can be made to the address of through paypal
Feel free to email me with any questions...

Soft Moment Card Collection 1

I'm also releasing the "Soft Moment Card Collection 1"

These cards have a grunge style border around the area you place your picture.. this border is free floating so you just move it around your image layer and adjust to fit your image... These cards are also 4x6 in size

This set is also $30

(please remember.. there are no refunds on these kind of products)

Antique Card Collection 1 (4x6 cards)

These are a new release.. The Antique card collection 1

All 4x6 cards.. layers.. Frames and tags are still in layer form so you can move the tags or adjust the frames to fit around your images..

This set $30

(please note there are no refunds for these products)